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Notes : (please check before ordering!)

  • Please check if your phone is a LAND LINE or CELL phone before submitting search. Go to

  • When ordering any phone searches, to protect both parties, you must have a Verifiable Business, State or Professional License Number to order these searches, example: Attorneys, Bail Bondmen, Collection Agencies, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Licensed Private Investigators, Process Servers. Repossessions, Etc.

  • These phone searches are for purposes of investigative research only. If you can utilize the information found for legal reasons.
    (Please check the regulations of your state.)

  • To order a report, click the ORDER REPORT button.
  We Do NOT Use GPS Tracking, Pinging or Any Other Such Devices.
We Do NOT Provide Land Line and Cellular Phone Bills under any circumstances.

Land Line Phone Searches

(Turnaround: Normally Eight to 24 HRS )

No Hit - No Fee Phone Searches

Non Published Phone Number$49.00

Establishes name and address to a non-published phone number.

Fax Number Trace$49.00

Establishes the name or company and address, of fax numbers.

Unlisted phone number from address$74.00

Establishes name and phone number from an address.

Cellular Phone Searches

(Turnaround: Normally Eight to 24 Hours)

No Hit - No Fee Phone Searches

Name and Address From Cellular Phone Number$64.00

Establishes the name and address from most cellular phone numbers in the USA.

Cellular Phone Search$99.00

Establishes a current cell phone number of a person or company in the USA.
The more information you can give, the better chance you have for a hit.

Any Phone Searches Not Listed, or You Would Like Run
Please Contact Customer Service.