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On-line Tracking:

Once you have opened an account, you can use our exclusive on-line tracking system. Every search you order is saved in our Secured Data System. Simply enter your tacking number which we will give you for each transaction, then from ANY COMPUTER or LAPTOP just enter it into our system.You then will have your search results in front of you.

Credit Card Security:

A1trace maintains a 24-7 Security System which works against credit card fraud and identity theft through secured encriptions to ensure safety. We do not ask you for your Credit Card Number for any transactions over our ordering system.To protect our clients, our system allows only the client to enter their credit card number.

Client Service:

Should you have any questions regarding our searches or services. please contact us, and we will be glad to help you.

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A1-Trace International can not assume responsibility for errors due to customer data entry, duplicate records, errors in transmission or processing delays beyond its control. You, (hereafter referred to as the user) will not hold A1-Trace International or their subsidiaries liable for any damages, claims or losses suffered as a result of claims by third parties. We cannot give a one hundred percent guarantee for our searches, although, our margin for error is small.


If user has a dispute about a search or charge they must contact A1-Trace International in writing or via E-Mail within thirty days. If users dispute the charges they incurred with their bank without first filing a dispute, they must pay any legal or collection agency fees for the recovery of costs.


Any person or entity using our services agrees that the information obtained will be for professional use only, and will never be used to promote bodily harm to the person(s) or entities involved.


(The following is a list of unacceptable uses for professional services)
  • Locate persons, in a criminal or civil lawsuit to develop a News Story
  • Locate victims of fraud, their family members, or their friends to develop a News Story
  • Locate lost friends, loves, family members for personal reasons of Dating, Matchmaker, Etc.
  • Locate personal information on well known Celebrities, or Government Officials
  • Locate persons our of personal curiosity.
  • Violate any applicable local,state, national or international law "
  • Obtained data shall not be used by any user for any purpose governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Furthermore, A1trace International is not a consumer reporting agency.
  • Obtained data shall not be used by Credit Repair Services, Stalkers, or harassment of persons, or companies.
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